p shared with you.I will work wi●th you, work for you, if needed; but, young as ●we both are, is it not better to work apart a▓ few years, that we may rest togeth●er Think what five years may do for both, it m●ay be less; I put it only t

o the extent.Y▓ou are succeeding, and will succeed still more▓, the more you are known; but had you a wife● and an establishment to support now, eve▓n with my very hardest exertions, ●we could not keep free from debt; a●nd love, potent

as it is, could not then guard ▓sorrow from our dwelling.When wedded, if unlo▓oked-for misfortunes come, we will b●ear them, and comfort and strengthen e▓ach other; but would it be right, would it▓ be wise to invite them by a too early m


arr▓iage My own dear George, let us work


while w●e have youth and hope, and tr▓us


t me we shall be very happy yet.” ● It


ely exclaimed ●youn

was scarcely possible to ●remain unconvinced by such fond re●asoning; but still Ashley referred w●ith deep despondency to the long, long in●terval which must elapse ere

g Ashley,

about seven months a

that▓ happiness could be obtained. “Not so long▓ as you fancy, George.I never mean to be● a rich man’s wife, though you invited me ●to be so just now.I do not even i

fter● the

ir misfortunes.“You

nten▓d to wait for comforts, but only just f▓or that competency which will pre▓vent those evil spirits, care and irritati●on, from entering our home; a●nd to forward thi

r sweet fa
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